Progressive for the Middle Ages

витольд афанасий
Я продолжаю пропихивать сюда песни из "Галаванта", пока не повешу все))) Король Ричард возвращается в свое королевство после длительного военного похода и узнает, что его народ установил в стране демократию.

Peasant John: We've been trying something new in the dominion
Since you went away-
With no king upon the throne,
We've all been left alone
To build a new tomorrow here today

What if every single soul with an opinion
Got to have their say?
If on every point of note,
We simply took a vote
Peasant John + Peasants We build a new tomorrow here today!

Galavant: So the butcher gets a vote?
Peasant John: Yup!
Richard: The baker gets a vote?
Peasant John: Yup!
And everyone who couldn't vote before!

Butcher: Except of course the women
Baker: And we won't let him or him in
Peasant John: We mean everybody else
Merchant: Except the poor!
Galavant: Progressive for the middle ages
King Richard: Meh

Peasant John: Then we vote on ev'ry pressing public question
Peasants: Yay!
Peasant John: Or-
Peasants: Nay!
Galavant: Nice
Peasant John: Everybody gets to choose
Baker: Except the you-know-whos
Peasant John + Peasants: As we build a new tomorrow here today!

Peasant John: If you'd like to make a statement or suggestion,
Simply stand
Tradesman: Ooh!
Peasant John: And hey!
King Richard: Him?
Tradesman: Every person counts the same
Butcher: Except of course the lame
Baker: ...and the lepers!
Merchant: ...and the gingers!
Tradesman: ...and the witches!
Friar: ...and the heathens!
Soldier: ...and the bastards!
Shopkeeper: ...and the gypsies!
Old Man: ...and the commies!
Baker: ...and the hippies!
Peasants: As we build a new tomorrow!
Peasant John: A fair and square tomorrow!
Peasants: A more aware tomorrow here tomorrow today!

So we all would march together towards the future
Peasant John: Well not "all" per se
Just the ones who look like me!
Peasants: It's called democracy...
Old Man: The landed-
Merchant: And the wealthy-
Friar: And the pious-
Shopkeeper: And the healthy-
Butcher: And the straight ones-
Baker: And the pale ones-
Butcher: And we only mean the male ones!
Peasant John: If you're all of the above, then you're ok!
Peasant John + Peasants: As we build a new tomorrow here today!

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